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About Us

Founded in 2019, the mission of the Cleveland County Music Hall of Fame (CCMHOF) is to honor the legacy of pioneers from Cleveland County whose  talent has enriched the musical landscape of the area in which they live or lived while giving tools needed to future generations of musicians, instructors and all associated with our local music community.

The CCMHOF got its start with a group of music-loving individuals who realized that music was infused throughout the Cleveland County way of life. From bluegrass pioneers to pop, rock and country, this county has played home to a wide variety of music genres and legends throughout the years.

But more than just looking back, the founders of the CCMHOF want to look to the future to encourage young musicians in our area. Through scholarships, lessons, workshops and more, members of the CCMHOF board dream of this organization inspiring and empowering a new generation of great musicians and music lovers in the years to come.

As the CCMHOF came into being, members began to look around for a physical space that could be the home for the hall of fame. This endeavor came to fruition with the donation to the organization of the former WOHS radio station building by owners Calvin & Terresa Hastings in 2021. Opened in 1946 as radio station WOHS, the building later housed another radio station, WXIK, and was most recently home to KTC Broadcasting. Local and national musical history abounds within the walls of the building − from performances and interviews with Earl Scruggs and Don Gibson to broadcasters like Hugh Dover.

Due to its age, the former WOHS building, located on Highway 74 in Shelby, will need substantial renovations and repairs to be transformed into the CCMHOF’s new home. Plans for the remodeled building include an area to display the HOF inductees, studios for musicians and space for music lessons and workshops. With an estimated budget in excess of $1 million, the project will take a while to become reality.

In the meantime, the CCMHOF has rented an office in Uptown Shelby, located at 234 South Lafayette Street. From here, work will continue to focus on recruiting new members, raising funds and increasing awareness about the Hall of Fame and its ongoing mission.